Fitting And Wear

Make It Fit Comfortably…Or Not

A proper fit will help make your chaste experience comfortable with maximum security.


  • Keep your genitals and groin area shaved.The less hair,the less it will pinch and pull.Why do you need pubic hair anyway?
  • Lubricate the pubic area as often as it is allowed.This will help keep the area from chaffing and becoming sore.It will help keep it from pinching too.
  • For devices similar to the CB3000,the Curve and other ring based devices,use the smallest ring that can be worn comfortably.This will give you maximum security.Be forewarned,your scrotum and testicles may have to stretch a bit but eventually it will become comfortable.
  • Use the old stocking trick if you have trouble getting inserted into the tube.Place the penis into a stocking,then pull the stocking through the tube and out the urination hole.The stocking will pull the penis into place properly in the tube.
  • If you are using a device that requires a paddle lock and the noise of the lock rattling against the cage is unwanted,wrap the lock in black electrical tape.
  • Some can wear a chastity device and still be able to urinate standing up.I find it’s better (and more humiliating!) to pee sitting down.There is less chance of making a mess on whatever clothes you are wearing.If you are wearing any.
  • Clean the device and pubic area as often as it is allowed.
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