Choosing A Male Chastity Device-A Guide To Male Chastity

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Choosing a male chastity device-

A Guide To Buying A Male Chastity Device.

With the amount of chastity devices out there, choosing a male chastity device for you or your partner can be a daunting task. There’s no cut and dry right or wrong answer with male chastity. Several factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a male chastity device. Making the right choice will make your chastity experience far more enjoyable. Here are some factors that you and your partner should consider before buying a male chastity device.

1- In choosing a male chastity device, you will find two basic types. A cage style, aka ball trap device, and a belt style.

a. A ball trap style cage encircles the genitals and “traps” them.

This style of chastity is very popular. Chastity cages can be made from high impact plastic to silicone to stainless steel. There are a lot of different designs and sizes to choose from. Examples of this style chastity device are the popular CB-6000 and Rikers models. Most will opt to buy a male chastity cage as the selection is wide and they provide adequate security and comfort.

b. An actual belt style device.

This style uses the waist as it’s central security point. The belt portion of the device gets secured around the waist with additional secured points either around the genitals like the cage style or, between the legs and secured in the back. Devices of this style are mostly made of stainless steel for maximum security. Many belt style chastity devices are custom made to the wearer. Some are designed to be customized by the wearer after purchase. Here is an example of a belt style male chastity device.

There are some chastity devices that incorporate genital piercings and urethral inserts. These devices won’t be addressed here as they tend to be an advanced specialized form of chastity. I have no experience with these types of chastity. Please do some research on these types of devices elsewhere to get the most out of these chastity device styles.

2- Fitting

This is a critical point in choosing a male chastity device. Finding the right fit is something that should be given some careful thought. Don’t rush yourself here. Males come in all different shapes and sizes. Most chastity cage devices will include different sized rings to accommodate different body shapes.

If you purchase a chastity cage device with assorted sized rings, try out a few to find the one that suits you best. I suggest wearing just the ring for a while to see how it fits. Make sure it is not loose nor too tight. It might take a little time for your genitals to get used to having this ring around them. Your testicles and scrotum may take a while to conform to the chastity device.

After wearing just the ring for a while, try wearing the entire cage. Sure, it will feel tight at least at first. Try wearing it over night. Is it comfortable enough to sleep in yet still secure? Can you go about your daily tasks in comfort? Make the fit as tight as possible without accidentally cutting off circulation. Remember, your body will begin to adjust to the chastity device in time.

Some chastity cages like the Rikers use a more ergonomic ring for a better, more comfortable fit. Most manufacturers of chastity devices will provide instructions for fitting. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper use and care.

A proper fit makes long term chastity far more easier to deal with.

3- Comfort

This kind of goes hand in hand with fitting. But there’s more to comfort when choosing a male chastity device than getting the size right.

1. Removal of body hair.

Removal of any body hair will help make the device more comfortable. It will reduce snagging and pinching discomfort. Keep your genital area shaved and comfort comes much easier. Even if you don’t 🙂

2. Apply lubricant around your genitals.

A good lubricating lotion will help discourage any irritation and sore spots. Your device will just plain wear better with lube. Especially apply some liberally around the ring. I find that a good fragrance free silicone based lubricant works best. Look for a lube that is latex safe and vitamin E enhanced for the best experience.

You’ll want to seriously consider both of these points. Trust me here.

3. Check your device for any rough spots or burrs left by the manufacturing process.

I recommend alerting the seller or manufacturer immediately if you find any. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can try sanding away any possible defects like this on your own. Just remember, any modification you make to your device will probably null any warranty, if any warranty is provided.

4. Check your device before you try to wear it.

It’s better to find a defect visually or with your fingers than with your genitals. Many businesses won’t allow returns on personal items that have been worn. Again, check the store’s return policy and the manufacturer’s guarantee, if any. Follow their instructions on how to handle defective merchandise. It’s a rare occasion to find defects in chastity devices made by trusted manufacturers.

4- Security

How secure your chastity device will depend on you and your partner’s expectations. A good fit always helps here. You may find your device becomes more secure as your penis becomes semi-erect from a heightened level of sexual frustration. No chastity device is totally secure for all type of men. The belt style devices tend to be best for maximum security. That doesn’t mean a cage style won’t provide the denial you seek. Again, fitting is the key here.

1. How you lock your device is important too.

Use a good, not cheap, padlock if your device calls for one. Make sure it’s in good working condition.

2. Many of the belt style chastity devices and chastity cages have the lock built into them.

These usually have special keys that are specific to your device. Be sure to keep them in a safe place.

Just don’t lose your keys. Hehehe 🙂

Nighttime erections are of course going to be somewhat difficult to navigate. You’ll be in chastity. It’s not supposed to be an easy experience. How you deal with any attempted erection is at the sole discretion of you and your partner. Probably more at the discretion of your partner. If you’re lucky. Or maybe not!

5- Who to buy from

Retailers who specialize in adult novelties usually have more experience and knowledge with male chastity devices. They also give their customers a great buying experience.

I know it’s tempting to head over to the popular auction or retail websites and grab a cheap chastity cage. Take it from someone who’s been through it. You’re better off going for quality. I’ve had some cheap chastity cages crack and shatter on me. Buyer beware.

Purchasing a chastity device from a retailer that specializes in fetish gear is a good bet for satisfaction. I highly recommend Chastity Fetish Depot. They always have an extensive line of quality chastity cages, belts, and other fetish gear. Any questions you may have will get answered by a non-judgemental customer service specialist.

That’s better than from someone who usually fields questions about small kitchen appliances and books. Most of them have probably never even heard of male chastity devices before.

Final Thoughts-

I personally believe there’s a chastity device that’s best for each occasion. What works best during one activity may not be best for another. Having a garden variety of chastity devices on hand makes moving from one activity to the next easier and comfortable. Wearing a certain style of a chastity cage for a day of household chores may not be the best device for a night out on the town.

Also, be mindful of metal chastity devices. Certain things such as airport and government building security measures can possibly be set off by metal chastity devices and their locks. Remember things like this.

Lock it up!

I hope this guide to male chastity devices helps those seeking the chastity experience. There’s nothing quite like chastity. It can be one of the most intense experiences you could possibly have. Choosing a male chastity device that’s right for you is paramount to the best experience.

If anyone has any further questions regarding male chastity feel free to contact me. I’ll try my hardest to get you the best possible answer.

One more thing. Ok, three more things

I’m always looking for real life experiences to share with my visitors too! Don’t be shy! Just send in your experience here.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in chastity, check out Chastity Fetish Depots’s extensive line of chastity devices and other fetish products.

When you’re ready to wear a chastity device, be sure to check out the tips and tricks page for further insights.

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