Chastity Cuckold Downfall Part One

Chastity Cuckold Downfall Part One

A fantasy Femdom chastity story by Gregor Chasteman

Oh poor Bobby. He barely got any sleep last night. The Constant pounding, moans, and whimpers coming from his wife’s bedroom above the laundry room where he was chained by his neck collar to a pipe coming out of the wall, kept him awake most of the night. And, if it wasn’t that, it was trying to get comfortable on the thin mat laid on the cold hard floor his wife so graciously gave him to sleep on. It was one of the few comforts his wife granted him when he was being a good husband along with a pail to relieve himself in. There have been plenty of times when his mat privilege had been rescinded due to poor behavior.

The dim light of the coming new day was beginning to shine through the small laundry room window when he had finally fell asleep. Then the pounding of his wife’s bed against the wall started up again with the usual moans and whimpers coming from the occupants above him. He could almost hear all the guttural words coming from his wife’s excited mouth along with the low moans of her companion. He could make out the words “fuck me” and “give it to me” as she yelled that more than a few times throughout the night.

Then suddenly, it all went quiet. There wasn’t any noise coming from the bedroom and for a minute Bobby thought that they both fell asleep again. Bobby shut his eyes in an attempt trying get a little more rest. No more than a few minutes later he felt his wife’s foot giving him a couple swats in the face with her foot. He quickly opened his eyes to gaze up at his wife Beth’s buxom form standing above him. She looked beautiful yet disheveled. She was wearing a shirt that he had never seen before. He soon realized that she was wearing her boyfriend Ronnie’s T-shirt. Her nipples poked out from under the shirt and covered her midsection just a few inches below the pussy that had been getting so thoroughly pounded by Ronnie’s huge black cock all night.

“Get up! Ronnie and I are hungry. Make us some breakfast.” As she unlocked the chain from his metal collar and unlocked the leather mitts that made his hands useless through the night, she rattled off what her boyfriend wanted for their morning meal.

As Bobby rose weakly to his knees she tapped him again with her foot. This time her toenails made a sharp tapping sound against his stainless steel chastity belt that he’d been wearing for the past two months that was under his red frilly sheer sissy panties.

“You’ve been doing a good job so far this weekend” she told Bobby. “Don’t fuck it up by screwing up our food. Now get busy. Will be upstairs and when it’s ready you are to come to the bedroom door and let us know.”

“You’ve been doing a good job so far this weekend” she told Bobby. “Don’t fuck it up by screwing up our food. Now get busy. Will be upstairs and when it’s ready you are to come to the bedroom door and let us know.”

This weekend has been the most humiliating weekend Bobby has ever had. It’s not enough that she controls every aspect of his life but bringing her boyfriend home and meeting her poor pussy whipped husband for the first time had been almost more than Bobby could handle emotionally. But Bobby’s love and obsession for Beth has always gotten the best of him and it’s always landed him deeper into servitude and humiliation. Like a sponge for punishment, Bobby has meekly taken all of Beth’s cruelty, neglect, and cheating. This weekend has been no different. Still, Bobby knew, and Beth had told him more than a few times, the he was lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

Beth headed for the stairs leading back upstairs to Ronnie as Bobby rose onto his feet and stammered to the kitchen to begin his task. The embarrassment and shame was just beginning as today was only Saturday and Ronnie was staying until Monday morning. Bobby just keeps focusing on what Beth told him. If Bobby is good, and performs well while Ronnie is here, he gets a little release time from chastity on Monday and gets to cum for the first time in two months.

Oh what a joyous occasion that would be after all this time. It’s been so long since Beth released his penis and let him jerk off while kneeling in front of her. This is the only way Bobby gets any sexual relief anymore. He’s become grateful for those opportunities as they are few and far between. Bobby focuses on that and goes about making his wife and her lover their morning meal.

From the kitchen Bobby could hear Beth and Ronnie move through the upstairs hallway into the bathroom. The familiar sound of shower water running was soon heard. After a lengthy shower they were soon downstairs at the table waiting to be served their breakfast. There was no need to go upstairs and tell them their breakfast was waiting.

Bobby could look at neither of them as he served them their food. Waves of shame and embarrassment completely sapped him of any dignity. As they ate Bobby stood there as he had so many times before waiting for Beth to tell him what he should do next. Beth and Ronnie talked and made their plans for their Saturday together. It was decided that they would spend the day shopping at the mall. “What about him” Ronnie asked Beth. “Fuck him. He has chores to do. Don’t worry about him” Beth replied. Turning to Bobby and finally addressing him since their morning encounter in the laundry room. “I want this house picked up and cleaned by the time Ronnie and I get back. We also expect supper at 5 o’clock.” It was then Beth told Bobby to look at her. “And it better be all done and done right or I will bend you over the very chair Ronnie is sitting on right now and whip your ass with a nylon rod.” Bobby could barely choke out “Yes Beth” as Ronnie chuckled at Beth’s pathetic husband.

After finishing their meal, the couple rose from the kitchen table. Beth came up to Bobby grabbed his left nipple and gave it a good twist. She smiled gleefully at her poor pussy whipped husband. “Remember no jerk off time on Monday unless you’re good and do what you’re told.” With that Beth her grip from his sore nipple and gave Bobby few pats his cheek that were rose red from his embarrassment. Ronnie chuckled a little more as both he and Beth disappeared back upstairs to dress and get ready for their Saturday. Bobby was left standing alone in the kitchen staring at the dirty dishes on the table. His stomach growling as he had not been permitted to eat anything since the table scraps Beth gave him from her supper yesterday afternoon.

Bobby was just finishing up the kitchen when Beth and Ronnie reappeared. They looked like a sharp interracial couple with Beth and her sexy yet understated tight jeans encasing her perfectly shaped ass and black T-shirt that was low collared enough reveal her ample cleavage that was all framed with her long dark hair.. She was simply gorgeous. A woman any man would kill to have. In many ways Bobby killed himself to have her.

“We’re leaving now” Beth told Bobby, “and remember what I told you because I meant every word of it. I will make your ass as red as your panties and remember you’ll lose that little jerk off session you’ve been so desperate to have on Monday.” Bobby just stared at the floor and replied with his usual reply.

“Yes Beth.”

Bobby didn’t bother to look up as he heard the door shut behind them. He just stared at the floor. Wondering what he had gotten himself into. That thought didn’t last long though. He needed to please Beth and he had work to concentrate on.

To be continued.


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